Any US display stand orders received after October 29 will be shipped on November 21, as I'll be away teaching.
Shipping for display stand orders for the UK and EU will continue.

Workshop Testimonials

I've been fortunate to have some great people in my workshops.  Here are a few of the comments I've received from them.

  • "Paul is an exceptional instructor and a kind person.  He is sharing, very knowledgeable, and detailed regarding his artistic glass methods." - A. P.
  • "I really enjoyed your class. I thought you were well prepared and that you knew the material. When I attend classes, I find that I not only learn about the specific technique that is the subject of the class, but I also learn a great deal of other information about working with glass. You were not only knowledgeable about your specific subject matter, but had great information about glass in general, including suggestions for firing schedules." - T. C.
  • "I really enjoyed your class this week.  I've been working to achieve depth in my work for a while now and your layering technique will be very helpful. I also appreciate the in-depth discussions and demonstrations for working with enamels, as I have never painted with enamels before this week.  Thanks so much for sharing so many of your helpful hints (such as "brush haircuts") and techniques with us during class.  I'm looking forward to practicing and adapting some of the techniques you taught to my current style of work."  - B. B.
  • "We recently took a class from Paul Messink.  He is an accomplished artist and an awesome teacher.  This is a hard to beat combination!!!  He shared tips, techniques and experiences in a comfortable atmosphere.  Yes, we will join him again!" - B. H. and D. H.

  • "Paul is a fantastic teacher! Don't miss the opportunity to take his class!!" - D. H.

  • "Spending four days with you was magical; not a morning person, I couldn’t wait to get out of bed and be in your classroom. You have a wonderfully patient nature, good sense of humor, and handled everyone’s demands with grace and fairness. Your daily agenda was very organized and implemented well.  I would highly recommend your classes to glass enthusiasts. Thank you for the knowledge shared and the inspiration you provided me." - C. V