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Read these 5-Star Reviews for the Video Series

Consistent 5-Star Reviews for the Creating Dimension Video Series


With over 70 reviews submitted (and counting), my video series has exceeded my expectations.  I’m very happy with the comments, and pleased to hear that students are able to learn my techniques from the videos.  While in-person workshops are great for direct interaction with the instructor, you will learn so much just from listening to these videos, as often as you like!

Here are some samples.  To read all of the reviews, follow the links found at the bottom of this page.


From Amanda:

You learn so much in this video, the price is crazy low. Paul's knowledge of painting on glass is very useful and will make you want to move into video 2 and 3 as soon as you can.


From Kristin:

I absolutely love this technique. I have made many attempts and feel that I am there now. This first video is one that I refer back to often while learning. Paul is a true gem, and I look forward to more from him.


From Albert:

I learned a lot from this introductory video. I was surprised and delighted with the information that was presented, details and instructions. It was my first experience of working with enamels. What really surprised me was that nothing was held back, secrets, processes and schedules were shared to make you successful. Excellent!


From Kat:

Painting on glass is something I have worked to perfect. I have tried all the paints and enamels but I was never really pleased with the results. That has all changed now that I do Paul’s multi-level paintings! I love the depth and atmosphere that is attainable with his process.


From Sheena:

Paul’s videos contain great information presented in a step by step manner that is easy to follow. He willingly shares his knowledge, tips, and techniques that other artists would not. I am not an artist, but I have been able to follow along and am happy with my results. This video is well worth the investment.


From Karen:

Paul's attention to detail, his ability to explain and to help one to deconstruct an image to reproduce is amazingly clear and coherent. I was able to do these projects with quite surprising success. The principles shared in this tutorial were excellent. Doing the full series is truly well worth the investment.


From Temple:

He explains his process in detail showing you exactly how he makes his pieces. His expertise shines through and inspires you to try it yourself.


From Phyllis:

If I had to do make anything from just watching this video 1 time, I wouldn’t be able to make a thing. Everything in this is so intense and so beautiful and Paul thankfully makes it seem so easy. He is precise in his instructions and takes his time explaining each step which I am thankful for and because of the way the outline is divided I am able to go to the exact place I need to. Thank you sir, and thank you AAE Glass.


From Melissa:

I wanted to learn how to create scenic glass art creations, so when I saw his online classes I signed up. Paul’s techniques on layering enamels and glass are phenomenal and I learned so much. He takes the time to slowly explain and shows you how to layer your glass to create depth and perspective to your piece. I appreciate his willingness to have an online class for those of us who cannot travel to his classes.


From Karen:

Paul is a master teacher, giving instructions and tips that helps to reveal the intricacies of this technique and how to begin to see and dismantle what the eye sees in order to recreate the image in glass. I am not a painter and don't have the ability to do this on canvas but I've been intrigued and pleased by my efforts to learn what Paul has shared. This was a delightful series.


From Albert:

Worth every penny! If you want to take the next step beyond plates and bowls, this series will open the door and challenge you to do more.

The details of the instruction are simple enough to follow, yet they give such an amazing result that you surprise yourself. To learn the details, secrets and tricks of the trade is truly a gift. Paul gives it freely, which comes as a surprise because many artists hold back, keep secrets or don't reveal all the details, in an effort to make themselves unique; this isn't the case with this series. I've enrolled in some online drawing courses to help with my painting but what I have learned so far has surprised me and my friends. I go back time and time again to review the videos, and pick up things I've missed or need to see again.

I even had a question at one point and submitted it to Paul's website and to my surprise, received an answer and advice. I shouldn't be surprised, but... I was shocked! I am forever a fan.


From Susan:

So much to learn about working with enamels!  What a great gathering of great ideas, processes and techniques. If you cannot come to Paul Messink's next class, definitely view all three of the videos. I did BOTH and it was well worth it!!


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