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Creating Dimension - 3-part Video Series

I'm happy to announce that my Creating Dimension workshop is available in an online format.  While you won't have direct interaction with the instructor, the online format is very useful for learning.  The workshop is divided into three separate sessions, under the heading "Master Class: Enameled, Multi-Layered Panels" and is available exclusively from AAE Glass in Cape Coral, Florida.  The 3 sessions:

  • Part 1 ("Introduction to Enamels") gives you all the information on mixing, applying, prefiring, etc.  Part 1 contains everything you need to know about painting with enamels, even if you are doing just 2 layer work.
  • Part 2 ("Thick Panel Basics") provides a good understanding of the mechanics of layering, bubble control, firing, and so on.
  • Part 3 ("Advanced Thick Panels") contains in-depth information on thick panels, with a particular focus on creating engaging glasswork that has great depth and dimension.  It also includes many special tips and demos on painting trees, clouds, sunsets, etc.

All 3 sessions build on each other, but are designed to be viewable on their own. You can watch Part 1 (Intro to Enamels) and get familiar with the materials before you jump into Parts 2 and 3.

All the sessions include detailed handouts, and include liberal demos, tips, and other helpful information.  These techniques are relevant for any types of glass (Spectrum, Bullseye, or float) and most brands of enamels.

The videos (and handouts) are available once you purchase the session, and are viewable as many times as you like. The videos never expire. Please click on over to the AAE Glass site for more information.

A huge thank you to Tanya Veit and AAE Glass, who have been great to work with. Tanya herself did the final editing - and she makes even me look good!