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Wrap-Around Stand Specifications

The wrap-around stand holds your work upright, but supports thicker work which rests directly on the base plate.  This gallery stand style is excellent for heavier glass panels where you want to allow light to come through the glass - only the bottom 3" is covered by the wrap-around metal.  They are made in the US from steel components, and are precision cut and welded, then powder coated for a long-lasting, scratch-resistant surface.  The neutral grey/silver color neither detracts from nor competes with your work, but displays it safely and elegantly.


This stand comes in 3 different sizes and is designed for 10-14 layer panels.  The deeper construction allows for thicker work, or for the addition of an LED panel behind the work.  Holes are strategically placed on the back side as an exit point for LED power cords.


Here are the complete specifications for the Wrap-Around Stands:

                            PRODUCT CODE:
Your glass panel width 10" 13.5" 22"
Your glass panel depth (inches) 1.75"
Up to 14 layers
Up to 14 layers
Up to 14 layers
Your glass panel depth (mm) 43 43 43
Base plate dimensions 11" x 6" 14.5" x 6" 24.5" x 9"
Lower support post height n/a n/a n/a
Height of wrap-around support arms 3" 3" 3"
Retail Price $75 $90 $215