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Display Stands

My custom made display stands are now available for retail purchase.


These are the same gallery stands I've used for years to display my own work.  They work incredibly well to display thick glass panels, by letting in light from behind the work.  They hold your work perfectly upright, so they can be displayed on a pedestal, table, or bookshelf.

These stands are the absolute best on the market.  Made in the US, they are precision cut and welded to very tight specifications, with all weld marks hidden from view.  They are then powder coated in a silver/grey color which does not distract from your beautiful artwork.  These are a superior stand that will add elegance and professionalism to your glass panels.  (The ready-made alternatives are poorly made - they are usually imported from China, have visible weld marks, and are often not even welded with good 90-degree corners.  This does not reflect well on your art!)  Honestly, I get as many compliments about my stand as I do about my glass!

There are two styles to choose from:

  • The "Gallery Stand" style comes with posts, that proudly display your work raised up in the air above a table or pedestal.  These typically hold artwork made from 5-9 layers of glass. This stand comes in 4 different sizes. 



  • A "Wraparound Stand" style comes without posts, and supports even thicker work (up to 14 layers), or can support a 9 to 11 layer piece with room for an LED panel behind.  This stand comes in 3 sizes.





Winter Air
Paul Messink
13.5"w x 9"h, 9 layers


Yellow Leaf
Paul Messink
13.5"w x 16"h, 14 layers